6 ways to turn data to insights

How can you transform cold, hard numbers into a gold-mine of opportunity for decision-making on product development, customers and business priorities? This infographic tell you how to unlock the value of analytics.

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5 Actionable Steps to Ecommerce Analytics

The first step before you set up analytics for your ecommerce product is to to answer the question – what type of analytics are you looking for. In ecommerce, there can be two types of analytics: 1. Internal Analytics which include operational analytics and internal KPIs. 2. One-to-many analytics to business partners: This includes value-added services to partners increases engagement, improves relationships and generates additional revenue streams.

3 Big Data Priorities for Businesses

According to a new TechRadar report from Forrester Research, enterprises today have evolved to reach a new stage in big data adoption, and in 2016 are at three priorities – Streaming Analytics, Self-service Analytics and Embedded Analytics: