Sriram Swaminathan

Founder & CEO

As CEO, Sriram is responsible for overall vision and leadership for Joojip. He has worked in the semiconductor and software industries for over 15 years. He started his career with Intel in Massachusetts in what used to be called their Handheld Computing Division. Following Intel, he worked with semiconductor companies including AMD and Rambus in various positions, before switching careers to co-found Cilantro Technologies. Cilantro was primarily focused on Analytics for Real-time energy management. At Cilantro, as CTO, Sriram was responsible for Technology and Engineering. For over 7 halcyon years at Cilantro, a lot of his work was around real-time data collection and analytics.

Sriram holds an M.S from University of Massachusetts Amherst and a B.E from Annamalai University India. He has authored over 10 publications in IEEE & ACM conferences and one IEEE Journal publication.