We are the creators of the joojip Stream Analytics Platform and the joos Stream Querying Language.

Why did we build joojip?

Problem #1

In today’s world, Devices and Apps send data continuously. This data needs to be processed and aggregated in order to derive actionable insights that are available in a timely fashion, often immediately on arrival of new data. Since the data is continuously updated, it is important to process the data incrementally and not in batch mode.

joojip Stream Analytics Platform is designed for incremental updates.

It has been built to handle Velocity in addition to Volume and Variety of data.

joojip allows us to

  • Collect data from any source – in motion or at rest
  • Analyze as they arrive and
  • Visualize the insights immediately. The insights update automatically as input data flows.

Problem #2

We also understand that every business has unique needs in terms of both the metrics they track and the sources from where the data come from. Most 3rd party analytics tools provide nice ways of tracking pre-defined metrics. These are metrics that tool vendors identify as important for the users. However, users often find that limiting the depth of their analyses.

So, in addition to power and ease of use that most 3rd party analytics tools offer, while developing Joojip, we also focused on flexibility, or rather malleability so you are able to define your own metrics and derive insights into them and go as deep as you want.

That malleability is provided by the joos Stream Querying Language.

joos is a scripting language designed specifically for the purpose of configuring and setting up the joojip Stream Analytics Platform. The Stream Engine in joojip is powerful in its data processing capabilities and it needs to be programmed for specific installations. A traditional programming language would have made this process verbose and cumbersome. joos script is custom designed to powerfully express the data processing topology of the Stream Engine.



  • Designed for incremental updates as new data flows in
  • Powerful Stream processing engine to perform real-time analytics at scale
  • Malleable – Can be customized to exactly your needs
  • Integrate with any data source – streaming or static
  • Device to Dashboard in days/weeks